Monday, June 6, 2011

Welcome to the Pitcairn Honey Blog. Please share your experience and thoughts on the Rarest, Purest, Best and most expensive honey in the world (in English, French, Espanol and Pitcairnese...)

Lets give you son Info:

The tropical island Pitcairn is the remotest point in the world located 5575.85 km= 3464.67 miles from New Zealand and 7,162 kilometers or 4450 miles from South America.

It is the purest location in the world as :
  1. It is inhabited by 52 descendants of the Bounty Mutineers
  2. Pitcairn island has no pollution as it has No Cars, No Roads, No Industries, No Airports even No Ports as three boats a year send their longboats to Bounty Bay.
  3. The Pitcairn's bees do not have the terrible "bee disease" of the rest of the world and therefore are not treated chemically.
  4. They forage wild flowers of Mangoes, Guavas, Passion Fruits, Latas that were never fertilized by humans since the earth creation.
  5. Because of the above it is considered the best honey in the world by members of the French gastronomic press and Harvard researcher.
Its web page is simple (.pn is the suffix for Pitcairn):


  1. Interesting, looks like there are benefits to being so isolated.

  2. New delivery in April 2014 There are only 3 boats a year to the island of Pitcairn.

    Order it now as we are already 95% pre-sold Only 193 250 grams jars remaining

  3. I'm setting up a little sideline business with the generous assistance of Mike on Pitcairn. The honey is magnificent, as anyone who has tried it knows, but the wait can be excruciating. I buy the honey in bulk from Pitcairn and do all the waiting for you, then resell it thru my web site at for a markup for those who are willing to pay extra to avoid the wait. It will never be a big deal, of course... not much more than a hobby, really. But I do like to help people out, and I'm also having a lot of fun introducing people to the honey. :-)

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